Best Deshedding Combs For Maltese

There are a lot of deshedding brushes out in the market which you could consider for your dog. Different types of brushes are made for dealing with specific issues with the hair of your Maltese. One of the brushes you do need is a deshedding brush. Deshedding brushes are to remove the extra hair which can grow and be excessive on your dog. These brushes effectively remove the extra hair which is not needed and which tends to turn into matted hair and knots.

In my experience the best pin brush to get is the Pet Grooming Brush by PetCare.


One of the most effective deshedding brushes will remove extra hair from both long and short haired dogs.  It should be easy to use, great at removing hair and be comfortable for your job.  One last thing I look for is a lifetime guarantee to ensure the product is durable and will last.  I found all these qualities in the Pet Grooming Brush by PetCare.


A review of a deshedding brush wouldn’t be a review without going through the best features of this brush:

  • The idea of a deshedding brush is to reduce the amount of shedding which can occur from a dog over time. Luckily Maltese do not shed excessively but a deshedding brush is still useful especially if you have allergies. By using a deshedding brush you can effectively decrease the amount of shedding by up to 95 percent with only a few minutes of brushing per day.
  • This brush is extremely durable as it is made with stainless steel. It is advisable to use a cover for the brush to ensure you keep it in the best condition but it will last if you forget to keep in under cover and it gets wet every so often.
  • The deshedding pins for this brush are tested to ensure that it will not irritate the skin of your Maltese.
  • This brush essentially saves money as you will be able to do the necessary grooming yourself.
  • This brush comes with a bunch of free ebooks.
  • Most importantly this brush comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

Maltese hair generally does not need a deshedding brush unless you are letting the coat grow out. If you intend to keep the hair style short on your Maltese then you will not need to get a deshedding brush. But if you intend to grow out your Maltese hair then grabbing a good quality deshedding comb will be a great idea in order to keep the loose hair fro creating knots in your Maltese fur.

Advice about Deshedding Brushes

Maltese are known as low allergenic dogs as they do not shed much hair. That does not mean that they shed no hair. For this reason it is still a good idea to use a deshedding comb to ensure that you don’t get fur throughout your house.

Grooming brushes can come in a range of cheap to expensive ranges but the most important things you want to consider are whether or not the brush does the job well and if it is durable. The recommended PetCare brush is great at both of these aspects.

Deshedding brushes are great at cleaning the fur and also for circulating the natural oils within the hair around the body and skin. This helps to keep it healthy and helps stop skin irritations from forming. Bathing can sometimes deplete these oils. Keeping up a good grooming habit with a good brush can decrease the need for bathing as often.

A deshedding brush will also allow you to look through the fur and look for any irritations, bumps and discolorations. The other great thing about a brushing routine is that you can inspect the ears, eyes, teeth and feet of your dog on a regular basis for any issues.

Obviously the reason you use a deshedding brush is to remove extra hair before knots and matts can form. For Maltese you would probably use a pin brush most of the time and then switch in to using a deshedding brush at least once a week.

Regular brushing will allow your dog to spend quality time with you and its a great time for bonding. Its also a great time to get in some training with your dog so bring some treats and get them to sit still while you are brushing them.

Lastly the best thing about keeping your dogs coat brushed is that they will look great and you can show them off.

The best grooming bursh we have found is available for sale on Amazon and is the Pet Grooming Brush by PetCare. Check out the link now – Pet Grooming Brush by PetCare.

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