Best Pin Brush For Maltese

There are a lot of grooming brushes out there which you could consider for your Maltese. Different types of brushes are made for dealing with specific issues with the fur of your Maltese. One of the brushes you do need is a pin brush. You use pin brushes in order to straighten the hair on your dog and remove all of the small knots which can occur.

In my experience the best pin brush to get is the Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats.


This brush will deal the best with all of those matted hair issues and small knots which occur on your Maltese. Its best to use this brush every day as it will keep the knots from forming. My experience is that your dog will love this pin brush and while its not the most expensive brush on the market it is one of the most effective.


Some of the best features of this brush include:

  • They have different sizes of brushes and you want to buy the small-medium dog size. This one is the 95mm or 3 3/4 inches size.
  • If you other other pets this brush can be used on both dogs and cats and for either long or short haired pets.
  • While removing matted hair and loose fur is the best feature of this brush you will also find it removes some of the dirt which has collected in there fur.
  • It does not require much effort for the brush to be effective. It works its wonders with light brushing and it only needs a few minutes of time each day.
  • The pin brush has specifically been designed to improve the comfort for your pet and it is a massage for them which means they will look forward to grooming and having a great time with you.
  • Cleaning the brush has been streamlined so that it is quick and easy. The product states it takes only five seconds to clean. The cleaning process is simple a push of a button and then a quick wipe.
  • You don’t have to believe me about how great it is. It comes highly recommended by others on Amazon. Read the reviews here : 
    Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats.
  • It comes with a free ebook on the best ways to groom using the brush.
  • It has a life time money back guarantee from the manufacturer. That means you don’t have to worry about it ever falling apart. Once you get this brush you never have to buy another one.

The best advice I can give is that you should take into account that users of this product absolutely love it. There are so many positive reviews that just reading one persons account of using it isn’t going to do the brush justice.


The only negatives I have seen on this brush is getting use to the size of it. Give it a few tries and I think you will find that the size isn’t a problem and is more of what people are accustomed to. In the end it is the results that matter and this brush produces results.


I have full articles on how to groom your Maltese but I thought I would put a few tips here in order to get the best out of this brush:

FIRST TIP: Use it regularly. The best grooming tip to ensure that matted hair and knots do not occur is to groom regularly. You need to ensure that you brush your dog every day or at least every few days at a minimum. This will remove the dirt and loose hair from your Maltese regularly and these are the causes of knots and matter hair.

SECOND TIP:  Use grooming time to help train your dog. When grooming your dog you will want them to sit certain ways and stay still. By integrating training into your grooming routine you are dealing with two issues at once. You are cleaning your dog and teaching them to be better behaved.

THIRD TIP: Grooming is best late in the day. Grooming in the morning allows all of that dirt to stay in your dogs fur overnight and start to knot up the hair. By doing it late in the day you will remove all of the loose hair and dirt which they have accumulated during the day. Its like giving them a clean before they go to sleep.


Read the reviews yourself and then make up your own mind. But if you do purchase it how about stopping back here and telling us how you found it went with your Maltese. We are always looking at providing the best possible options for our readers. Also if this hasn’t helped you then leave a comment so that we can add additional advice to help our readers.

A Cheaper Alternative

I realise some people may not want to pay for the best brush possible and sometimes they want a reasonable brush for a reasonable price. If this is your case and you want a cheaper alternative you can try the Glendan Brush Slicker Grooming Shedding Brush .

This brush is a bit smaller, comes in two colours and wrosk well on your Maltese. The reason I would choose the first brush over this brush is that this brush does not have a lifetime guarantee. It only has a 3 month warranty. Apart from that this brush works really well at removing the knots and dirt. The results from this brush are great compared to the average brushes out there and the reviews are all glowing (including my own).

Still if I had the extra money available I would choose the 
Pet Portal Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats as my top pick based on the lifetime warranty and the results which the users are seeing on their pets.

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