Maltese Tear Stains – Get Rid of them forever – Prevention and Removal

Tear Stains

Maltese are prone to getting tear stains and other discolorations on their fur. Of all the discolorations, Tear stains are definitely the most noticeable as they are on the face. All dog breeds can suffer from tear stains but the Maltese are particularly prone to it because of their snow white fur which contrasts the yellow staining.

Tear stains on a Maltese dog can be easily prevented and treated. In order to prevent tear stains you may need to implement a change in diet, use filtered water and create a daily face cleansing routine for your Maltese dog. To clear up any current tear stains or discolored sections of fur you can use tear stain wipes or a tear stain remover from your local pet store.

This article will outline:

  • What tear stains are,
  • What causes tear stains in the Maltese breed
  • How to prevent tear stains from occurring, and
  • How to clear up current tear stains on your Maltese

What are tear stains ?

Tear Stains are not normal

Tear stains can be a frustrating occurrence on some breeds and the Maltese is at the top of that list. Maltese fur is generally a bright white and the discolorations on the fur can be a striking contrast which makes it very noticeable. Most people tend to treat the symptoms which are the tear stains, rather than the cause, but if you treat the cause you will have a much happier Maltese dog and a lot less tear stains as a result.

Tear stains can present themselves in a few different shades and can be described as either pink, red, yellow, brown or rusty in color. The main color tear staining occurs in is the yellow shade, but any color discoloration under the eye which is unsightly is regarded as a tear stain. Generally the tear stains will be a little stiff or hard to touch as the minerals in the tears solidify on the fur. But the fur can still be soft if the tear stain is recent or is still wet from tears. Some people describe the fur as feeling like straw.

Maltese puppies do not seem to be afflicted by tear stains as much as older dogs. Generally a puppy will still have snow white hair under its eyes. As the puppy grows and matures it is more likely they will have brown and pink hairs to appear. This is not a natural coloring for a Maltese and it is the start of tear staining. The reason why this is the case is that the Maltese breed does not generally have the genetics to produce any rusty, brown, pink or red hair. The only real colors a Maltese may show apart from snow white hair are a tinge of yellow sometimes called lemon or tan on the Maltese breed. These alternative colors rarely appear near the eyes and are more likely to appear on other parts of the head such as the ears.

As your Maltese ages, any staining that you see around the eye area is usually caused by unnatural staining. This is something that can be easily resolved and is not a cause for concern in relation to your dogs health.

What are the causes of tear stains?

Maltese dogs will often have tear staining around the eyes. Some of the factors which are responsible for producing the yellow staining that you see around a Maltese dogs eye area also contribute the yellow staining which can often occur on other areas of the Maltese dogs face. Usual spots for yellow staining on the face can include the mouth and the chin. Because this yellow staining is so common in the tear area it is often also common to see the yellow staining on other parts of the face.

While predominately white in color Maltese dogs are able to produce yellow and tan hairs which can alter the color of their fur. When this does occurs in Maltese dogs it is usually restricted to the ears if anywhere at all. This localized coloring is why if you see a yellowing of the fur on a Maltese dog around the mouth or chin it is almost certainly a result of the staining.

How to prevent tear stains ?

If your Maltese dog has issues in relation to tear stains it is something that can be easily remedied. There are ways in which you can rectify this in your Maltese dog.

In order to remedy the tear stains in your Maltese it is prudent to take a proactive approach to the staining. If you are not proactive and follow the below steps correctly you will find that there will be minimal success in relieving the tear staining and the results will be simply temporary in nature. It is important that if you wish to take steps to resolve the tear staining problem in your dog that you make a firm commitment to ensure the best possible results. If you are committed to being proactive and follow the steps you will find that the tear staining problem will be cleared up and that it will aim to stop the staining from reoccurring.

There are a few main contributing factors to why your Maltese is getting the tear staining and addressing these factors is very important. The first step is to eliminate anything which may be causing your Maltese dog to be getting the tear staining. If you are able to address these contributing factors or causes then it is going to be of paramount importance to stopping the tear staining from reoccurring. The main contributing factors you need to address and make changes as needed are:


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