How Much does a Maltese puppy Cost? The number will surprise you!

You have decided to buy a dog and have chosen the Maltese due to it being a small dog breed that suits your lifestyle. You need to now work out how much money it is going to cost you to buy and support your new Maltese puppy and life long friend. A Maltese dog will depend on if it is a show dog or a family pet. Typically a Maltese puppy which will be a family pet is in the range of $600 – $1400. A top quality show Maltese will cost between $4000 – $12000.

Why is there a wide range in prices for Maltese Puppies?

There are a lot of factors which can determine the price of a Maltese puppy. These can include:

  • Location: Different prices will be available based on the country and area where you live. if there are a lot of breeders in the area the pries might be more competitive, or could be high if the area is known for breeding very high quality show dogs.
  • Reputation: Some breeders have exceptional litters and have an ability to breed very high quality Maltese for show competitions. These Maltese puppy breeders will demand top dollar and will have a list of people who want to buy from them. You may need to go onto a waiting list with these breeders for a Maltese puppy and the cost will be higher than the average breeder.
  • Litter Size: If there are a lot of Maltese puppies born into a litter the breeders may not have enough people to buy all of the Maltese. In these situations, the dogs which are not show quality are more likely to be sold at a discount to families. These Maltese will never compete in shows but they will have a wonderful life with the families that adopt them.
  • Lineage of the Maltese: Certain linage have a high standing in dog shows for their reputation to produce spectacular offspring. A good lineage that is certified as a purebred Maltese will likely demand a higher price. These Maltese have not mixed with other breeds and the certification of a pure breed will elevate the price point.
  • Popularity of the breed: Dog breeds will go in and out of fashion depending on which dogs celebrities have purchased, which dog breeds are trendy and which dog breeds are seen on television shows. If the Maltese breed is popular this year the price point will go up due to the economic principle known as supply and demand. If the demand has increased but there are not enough Maltese being bred this season there obviously the breeders can sell at a higher price. If on the other hand, there are too many breeders of Maltese and there has been big litters born, and there are not enough people who want to buy a Maltese then the price to buy a Maltese puppy will decrease.
  • Breeder, Pet Shop, Pound or Shelter: A breeder will ask for significant more money for a Maltese puppy then what you would pay for a Maltese from a pet shop. This is typically because a breeder will have the breeding papers for the Maltese puppy. A pet shop Maltese is also not of show quality and will be aimed at a family or caring couple. The pound or shelter will be the cheapest for a puppy as they are just looking out for the best quality of life for the Maltese puppy. If you are a family, or couple its always encouraged that you check the pound or shelter for a puppy which will love you and you will have the knowledge knowing that you have saved its life. There is no difference in the love and loyalty given by a Maltese dog to its family whether it came from a breeder, pet shop or shelter.
  • Age: A Maltese puppy will cost more than an older Maltese. Generally, an older Maltese which needs to find a new home will be given away free. Its not always possible for a dog to remain with its previous owners because they may have passed away, moved to another country or have developed a serious allergy to the dog hair. It is always sad when a dog needs to change homes, but if funds are tight on purchasing a Maltese then finding an older Maltese which needs to be re-homed is a cheap alternative. The Maltese dog will miss its old family, but will soon love its new family and home.

How much will it cost me to buy a Maltese puppy?

The cost of a Maltese puppy will vary but these are the approximate prices:

  • Show Quality Maltese with breeding rights : $6000 – $10000
  • Show Quality Maltese without breeding rights : $4000 – $6000
  • Maltese Family Pet Quality from Breeder with breeding rights : $2000 – $4000
  • Maltese Family Pet Quality from Breeder without breeding rights : $1000 – $1300
  • Maltese Family pet from Pet Shop : $500-$1000
  • Shelter Maltese : $0 – $400
  • Re-homed Maltese : $0 – $100

There is such a wide range of prices when buying a Maltese puppy, although most people will generally choose to buy from a breeder as a family pet and this price is in the range of $1000 to $1300. If you are being quoted much higher or lower than those prices from a breeder then you should review the list and ask questions on why the price is not in this cost range.

Do I need dog papers when purchasing a Maltese as a family pet ?

It is always worthwhile ensuring that you buy a puppy with the papers available. Dog papers are important for a Maltese puppy for several reasons. Firstly, if you are buying a Maltese puppy without dog papers then it is much harder to prove their pedigree if you wish to breed them. The papers will identify the mother (dame) and father (sire) of your Maltese puppy. They will also identify the breed and pedigree of your dog identifying it as a purebred with a family tree. Finally papers will also contain the health records for the puppy to ensure they have had any necessary vaccinations or if they have any known health issues.

Maltese rucksacks were not included in the calculation of owning a Maltese puppy

What are the ongoing costs for owning a Maltese puppy?

Purchasing a Maltese puppy may be a significant expense, but the on going expenses can also add up. Owning a dog is not cheap and the financial responsibility shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Below is a comprehensive list of ongoing costs you may have with a Maltese puppy:

  • Food: This cost is mandatory. You will spend around $20 a week on dog food even for a small Maltese. This includes main meals (breakfast, dinner) and treats. Yearly cost: $1040.
  • Worming and Flea Treatment are mandatory costs: This will cost around $100-$150 per year depending on the brand chosen.
  • Vet checkups are mandatory costs: This will range depending on the vet you visit and will be in the range of $50 – $150. This does not include medical emergencies or other health issues which need to be treated.
  • Bedding is mandatory: You will need to get your Maltese a new bed every year. These generally cost between $10-$50 depending on what type of bedding and any blankets you purchase for them. Warmer climates will not need the blankets, but cooler climates might need to double up on blankets to keep your Maltese warm in the winter.
  • Toys are an optional expense : A few toys will set you back maybe $100 in the first couple of years. As your dog matures they will not want to play with toys as much.
  • Dog Clothes are optional: Recently clothes for dogs have become a big thing and Maltese can look fabulous in a range of ensembles. Clothes can set you back only a few dollars per outfit to hundreds of dollars a year. I have estimated between $0 and $500 a year could easily be spent on clothes by a pet owner.
  • Other Medical issues are varying: Over the life of your dog you will have to visit the vet more than once as they swallow a coin, hurt their leg, excessive vomiting, etc. This can add up to several thousand over the life of the dog. This is a rough guess of around $5000 – $50,000 over the lifetime of the Maltese and depends heavily on the health of the Maltese.
  • Pet insurance: Insurance is an option to have a fixed medical cost for any ad hoc medical related health issues with your dog. Pet insurance for a Maltese will cost about $1000 per year but you will not have the costs mentioned above of the ad hoc medical costs due to any poor health or injury with your Maltese puppy. Pet insurance is a personal thing and some people decide to get it for the peace of mind of the cost while others can not afford it or do find the certainty of what they pay out each year for vet treatments is valuable.
  • Grooming is optional: Even if you groom your Maltese dog yourself there will be some costs for products. Grooming products might set you back $50 a year whereas having a dog groomer come to your House to groom your Maltese may cost $100 per visit. This can add up to over $1200 per year.
  • Training: Professional dog training can help with focusing your dog and can be a great bonding experience between you and your Maltese. Training will generally set you back between $500 – $1000 per year for group sessions and up to $5000 for individual sessions. Maltese are interesting dogs to train as they are stubborn and can sometimes be non social. But it will help to teach your dog some basic commands and obedience and it is good for their mental stimulation.
  • Dog walkers are an optional cost: If you do not have time to walk your Maltese dog and gie it the exercise it needs then you can pay for a dog walker. A dog walker will charge $10-$20 depending on the location for each walk. Considering you might need this everyday or at least 3 times a week it can add up to an annual cost of between $200 – $1000.
  • Poop scoopers is an optional cost: For those of us who do not want to, or are too precious to pick up dog poo can hire someone to clean your yard a few times a week of all of the poop. This will generally cost between $20 – $50 a week adding up to another $1000 – $2000 per year.

The above list is an exhaustive list and really only the mandatory costs are those that most people will actually pay to own a Maltese. Still these mandatory costs can range for $1500 – $3000 per year for your Maltese puppy. Generally the cost will be more when they are younger as you have more training to do, more vet visits for vaccinations and more toys to purchase for them to play with. As your dog ages the costs will drop in the adult years until your dog becomes a senior Maltese. When they start to get older than 12 years you will star to have increased vet bills again as old age starts to affect their body with arthritis, soreness and dental issues. Keep in mind dogs are expensive and the costs for a Maltese are actually less than other breeds due to their small size.

The total ongoing costs for a Maltese can range anywhere from $15000 to $30000 over the life of the Maltese which can live anywhere from 12 – 20 years.

Maltese Puppies can be expensive

What are the average costs of owning a Maltese dog per year?

The average cost to own a Maltese dog each year ranges from $1000 to $3000 but is closer to $1500 per year. This includes all of the items such as vet visits, food, training, toys and vaccinations and treatments. As can be seen owning a Maltese can be costly but the love and joy but this cost will be required regardless of the dog being purchased. As a smaller dog the costs are actually less than a much larger dog who needs more exercise, more food and better training. Choosing to purchase a dog is not a decision that should be taken lightly, but understanding the average costs to maintain a Maltese each year will allow you to make an informed choice.

What are the largest costs of owning a Maltese dog?

The largest costs over the lifetime of the dog will either be food or medical costs. Food will cost around $1000 per year and its not something that can be pushed off when owning a dog. The medical costs include flea treatments, vaccinations and vet checkups and will generally add up to $300-$500 a year, but if your dog gets sick, has a broken bone or requires other medical treatment then the costs can balloon up to several thousand dollars. Other costs such as training, dog walkers, toys, are mostly optional and shouldn’t be considered as the largest cost even though you could decide on some very expensive obedience training classes or a dog walker every day. These costs can be cut back if needed but food and medical costs for a Maltese are not negotiable.

So what did you think about our article on Maltese puppy costs?

So there you have all the costs you will need to budget for in order to buy and look after a Maltese puppy. Did you recently purchase a Maltese? Did these prices match up with what you paid? Let us know how much you paid for your Maltese dog in the comments ? Are there any costs we missed that we should have included, if so let us know in the comments so we can improve the article for other readers.