Maltese dogs are one of the gentle and fearless dog breeds out of all the dogs out there. The Maltese dogs are naturally friendly and require unlimited attention and affection from their owners. They have alluring white coats that provide them with ethereal beauty. They are the types of dogs who excel as great companions and are great for being a therapy pup or a competitor in dog sports games such as obedience, agility, and more.

Even though Maltese dogs love affection, they may sometimes want to escape free and be with other dogs as they love socializing with their types and not just humans. This might contribute to their weird behavior and may lead to them digging up holes in their beds or the yard. The next heading indicates the possible reasons why your Maltese dog might be digging up holes in your house.

Reasons why a Maltese digs holes

There are many reasons a Maltese might dig holes. These reasons might include their body temperature, scent, roundabout, hidden treasure, their desire to mark their territory, maybe they want to hide, comfort can also be a reason, or maybe they want to create a space for their babies.

Dogs generally have holes digging in their DNA. This ability has been included in their characteristics and behavior since their ancestors used this skill to survive in the wilderness. Dogs usually dug holes to feel protected, safe, or give birth to their pups, or there can be more reasons as well.

Maltese pups dig up their surrounding in order t seek comfort. The main reason can be their body temperature which might have risen or lowered, so the pup digs up holes to get the warmth or the cold depending on their situation. If the place they want to rest is not too comfortable, they might want to dig it up to make it comfortable, whether in a yard or their bed.

If your Maltese dog wants to mark their territory, they can dig it up too. This happens in a situation where they want to mark the area as their own. There are glands present in the pup’s paws that allow them to emit a unique scent of the dog, so if they dig or scratch that area, it means it is now their new sleeping place, and no one should enter it.

Some Maltese dogs’ instinct is to get safe as soon as they feel danger from their surroundings. This situation requires them to have a hiding place. If they do not get any place in their surrounding, they might start digging to hide from their predators, and if a female dog is considered and they have their puppies, then they might make a home for them by digging holes in bed or the yard so that they can stay with ease.

There are many reasons a Maltese dog can dig up holes in yards and their beds, but the main issue is how an owner can stop them from doing such an activity. The answer to this query lies in the upcoming headings.

How can I stop my Maltese Dog digging holes in the yard?

There are many approaches a dog owner can take to stop their pup from digging holes in the yard. We have already discussed the reasons that might make the Maltese dogs dug in the yard, but as an owner, here are a few tips and tricks to stop your pup from digging.

You can decide a place where you can let your dog dig. This dig spot can be created by burying treats and toys in the yard so that they focus their attention on that specific spot and do not go anywhere else to dig. This will help keep your yard holes free and provide your dog with the digging fun they want.

If your pup does it out of boredom, giving them proper and required exercise will be the best option. You can take them on runs or walks, or you can play with them to eliminate their boredom. You can get your pup different toys to keep them company when you are not around so that they do not go out to dig up your yard.

Maltese dogs are quite the intelligent breed out of other dogs and make great service and therapy dogs, but they tend to become bored easily due to their highly intelligent minds. And due to this boredom, they might go out to discover things in the yard and start their digging. So to mentally stimulate your Maltese dogs and keep their intelligent brains busy and entertained for hours, you can make your pup play the brain training games that will provide mental training and keep them busy.

Food can also contribute to this behavior of Maltese dogs. For example, if your pup is not getting a well-balanced diet, they might get anger issues or want to escape from their surroundings which might lead to them wanting to dig up holes in their yards, so a great and balanced diet is the perfect solution to such a situation. The temperatures also affect a Maltese pup. To get comfort and settle in the change of temperature, they might dig up holes, so it is better to avoid places with too hot or too cold temperatures and provide them with their optimum living conditions.

If your Maltese pup is scared, you can keep them company to avoid getting scared and digging up holes to get a safe spot or protection. Lastly, to stop digging, proper training and socializing are required for the Maltese pups.

How can I stop my Maltese Dog from digging on his bed?

Digging is a hobby for many dogs, and the same goes for Maltese dogs. These dogs can dig up their beds and the whole yard of their owner if they want to. If you want to stop them from destroying your couches or digging up their beds, then you must find the reason as to why they are doing the digging in the first place. The best way to find out their reason for digging is by observing them, and to stop them from digging, you can follow these few things which might help you with your case.

The first thing as a Maltese owner who digs up their bed, you can give your pup their own space. That means the suitable and comfortable space they want to dig. Dog loves to have a cave-styled bed. If the bed you have provided for your pup is not up to their style, they might dig it up to make it more comfortable. To stop this, you might want to get a nesting which is cave style dog bed so that your little bundle can easily snuggle in it and hide if they want in the softness of their bed.

The second thing a Maltese owner can do is to get their nails trimmed. For example, you do not know why your dog is destructive and want to stop everything from getting destroyed, so what can you do? The answer is simple, get their nails trimmed, at least in that way. Then, even if they dig their bed, the sheets and everything will not be torn apart or damaged much compared to the longer nails, which will completely shred everything into pieces.

The last thing a Maltese owner can do to stop their pup from digging holes in their bed is distracting their dog. The Maltese dogs are highly intelligent and might need more distractions than the simple ones. As an owner, you should provide your dog with a new favorite toy or even a treat that might help them out. There are many mind games and training options that you can provide your pup with and keep them busy for hours.

Maltese dogs are usually calm, gentle, and friendly, but if there are changes in their behavior and after all the care, attention, and distractions that being an owner you are providing them with, it is best to take them to the vet. The reason may be related to some trauma that you might not be aware of and can be taken care at the doctor’s office.

Final Words

Why do Maltese dogs dig is something that every dog owner is concerned about. As some may find it a change in their behavior, or some may find it alarming. These traits are normal as dogs are dogs, and they are functioned for such activities either for comfort or for their fun. A dog digging up holes in the yard or their bed is normal, but if they have other symptoms such as getting angry out of the blue, rolling around, or more changes in their behavior, it is best to take them for a checkup. Otherwise, digging up holes for a pup is normal, but you can take the measures we have discussed to stop them from doing the digging and enjoy your time with your Maltese dog to the fullest.