Should I Get a Maltese Puppy? | Yes or No

So you are deciding on which dog to purchase and are wondering if you should get a Maltese puppy? There are definitely a lot of reasons you should get a Maltese puppy and also a number of reasons you should consider on why a Maltese puppy is not right for your situation. This article is obviously biased to promoting the love and joy that you will receive from owning a Maltese puppy, but this article will also try and give you a considered answer on both the pros and cons of Maltese dog ownership.

Why You Should Get a Maltese Puppy! The Definitive Answer

Lets start with all the reasons on why you should buy a Maltese puppy:

Maltese Love to be around People
Maltese Love to be around People
  • Love: The Maltese dog breed is well known for its loyalty to its pack. It will want to be near you when your around and will protect you against all sorts of predators such as door to door salesman without a thought. A Maltese will give back in love and companionship 10 times what you give it over its lifetime. They can have a bit of an independent streak in them but the love will always be there. This can be said about most dogs though, as dog ownership is about love, respect and companionship between a dog and its owner.
  • A Longer Life: Studies have proven that people who own pets, particularly dogs, are more likely to live a longer life. This is because dogs give you a sense of purpose. One of the great things you can do in life is giving. Looking after a Maltese puppy, giving it a home, food and comfort are a great way for you to positively give back to the world. When you get old but have a dog which you need to take care of then you have a reason for living and a life full of love and companionship.
  • It Teaches Responsibility: Owning a Maltese puppy can teach kids and even young adults about responsibility. Suddenly the world isn’t just about them and taking care of and loving a Maltese puppy teaches them a great life lesson. There are others in the world that need to be taken care of and we should look out for them whether it be a pet or a person. It also sets up a routine for kids on feeding the dogs, walking the dogs and grooming the dogs. Looking after a Maltese puppy is a huge responsibility because if you don’t feed them, clean them, walk them, groom them and just generally look out for them then what does that say about your humanity and care about others in life.
  • It Improves your Immune System: Dogs tend to roll in the dirt and grass and bring in a number of microbes and bacteria into contact with humans. This could be while you cuddle them, pat them or groom them. It could also just be because they run through the house and spread the bacteria and dirt everywhere. While this might sound like a negative thing it is actually beneficial to your health. It turns out that humans are too clean these days and exposure to more dirt and bacteria will improve our immune systems as it will trigger them more often. The triggers are always quickly dealt with by the immune system so it helps build up the immune system to be much more stronger and resistant to other bacteria and viruses. So while keeping your dog bathed and clean is a good thing, its also OK to let them roll in the dirt.
  • Protection: It might be surprising to read that Maltese are good at protection. Normally if you want protection from a dog you would look for a larger breed which provides a deterrent to any would be intruders. While this is true, even the small Maltese can be a formidable foe for an intruder. Maltese are very confident little dogs which will bark, yap and make as much noise as possible if they feel threatened or there is an unknown person or animal in the vicinity. This loud yapping will alert people to any intruders and this is enough to put off any intruders to look for an easier target. If the intruder does enter the yard, Maltese are known to be brave and will attack people from behind. They will antagonize and annoy any intruders until they leave. So while a Maltese dog may not seem like a good security option, they actually can be a good deterrent to any intruders seeking an easy target.
  • Companionship: Dogs are known for their companionship to humans. A Maltese dog is a very loyal companion but they can sometimes like to be left by themselves. It does differ between different personalities for each dog but some Maltese can be very affectionate and others can be a bit more of a loner. Regardless of if your Maltese likes to be cuddling you or by themselves watching you, they will always be loyal and will love you. They make great companions as inside lap dogs as they are small and are known to shed less hair than other breeds. If you are looking for a companion dog as an inside dog then the Maltese is a great choice.
  • Exercise/Keeping Active: Owning a dog means exercise and dog walks. Even a small Maltese will need to be walked each day to ensure they stay fit and get both physically and mentally exercised. You will not be able to take your Maltese puppy on hikes unless you want to carry them, but they will need the walk around the block or even a play in the backyard with a small toy. Keeping your Maltese active will also keep you active and both of you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Security/Protection: Dogs are often purchased by people as a security measure. They use them as a deterrent to burglars or people unlawfully entering their property. Maltese can be a great deterrent to anyone coming onto your property that they do not know or who do not have permission to be there. Maltese will commonly bark or growl when someone they do not know attempts to enter or loiters around the property. Having a dog is a great security measure as they make a lot of noise by barking and growling. This draws attention to surrounding houses and neighbors that something may be happening. It also alerts others to check out what is happening which is something burglars do not want. Burglars do not like dogs drawing attention to them as it makes it impossible for them to work undetected. Most would rather go to a house which does not have a dog to act as an alert to what is taking place. This barking is also beneficial even if you are home as it lets you know that someone is around and you are able to be informed early of any potential intruder or unwanted visitor.
  • Loyalty: Dogs also provide great protection, especially for those living on their own. Dogs become very protective of their owners and their property and will alert to anything strange or unusual happening. They also put people off coming onto your property as they are unsure whether the dog is aggressive or dangerous. Obviously with Maltese being a small dog they are not a major threat in the way of causing bodily harm to an intruder, but they will make a lot of noise with their barking which will often discourage anyone who may be a threat.

Is a Maltese the Right Dog For Your Situation and Lifestyle?

There are a also a few factors you should consider on whether a Maltese puppy is right for you and your situation. These include:

Sleeping Maltese
  • Cost: Owning a puppy can be a financial burden. Ensure that you have taken into consideration that your family can afford to have a puppy in your household. Maltese puppies being small are relatively cheap compared to much larger breeds, but even a toy Maltese will need to be fed, groomed, walked and kept in good health with vet checkups each and every year. These costs for a Maltese puppy can add up to several thousand dollars per year.
  • Yard size: Maltese are a small breed of dog. This means that they do not require a large yard. They obviously need somewhere to go to the bathroom and to exercise. Maltese are a breed of dog which is also suitable for an apartment as they do not take up a lot of space. They will obviously still need somewhere to go to the bathroom whether that be an outside terrace or balcony or will need to be taken outside regularly for bathroom breaks. They will also need to be walked daily if they are going to be kept in an enclosed space.
  • Inside or Outside Dog: Maltese can be both an inside or outside dog. Although because they are small lap type dogs they do enjoy the company of people and would rather be inside with their owners where possible. As long as you toilet train your Maltese to go outside when they need to relieve themselves they are generally a very good option for an inside dog. If you intend to have them inside make sure they have access to food and water as required, a comfortable bed and are exercised daily. If you do choose to have your Maltese outside please keep in mind that they need a lot of human contact so spend as much time with them as possible. It is also preferable to spend time exercising them to make sure they are staying active. It is also a good idea to have a kennel for them as they are a small dog and very susceptible to the elements.
  • Your Available Time: Owning a Maltese puppy is going to require some of your time especially when they are younger. Dogs are ok to be left at home by themselves providing they have access to water, shade and have a few toys to play with while you are not at home. When a Maltese is younger it is going to need extra support to get familiar with its new home and will want some comfort from you. You will also need available time to walk, feed and generally play with your Maltese dog as well. A Maltese puppy is part of the family and is not just a toy or thing to show off, so expect to put in some time with your Maltese. If you are an extremely busy person who is not home most of the day/night then you should reassess whether getting a dog is the right option for you.
  • Family Members: Maltese are generally well suited to a family as they are very loyal. While the Maltese is known for having a small dog syndrome where they get cranky quickly, this is always at strangers who they feel are a threat to the pack (i.e. family). The Maltese works well for families as they are a small dog which can be looked after by kids and are also very safe for kids to be around. Even if a Maltese puppy does become aggressive their bite is small and is not going to cause significant damage to anyone. Maltese puppies are great to play with in a family environment and they love to be indoors with people. Maltese puppies will love to cuddle and sleep beside you and the rest of the family because they are a very pack oriented dog.
  • Kids: Maltese puppies are great for kids as they are a good size for kids to play with. Kids can walk a Maltese with a leash under supervision, they can play with toys with a Maltese puppy and they can be responsible for feeding and grooming a Maltese. The size of the Maltese dog makes it ideal for families with kids. Maltese bites are also minor compared to other dogs so if your dog does accidentally bite a person or kid due to being stepped on or provoked the damage will be minor compared to a much larger breed of dog. Owning a dog is a great way to teach responsibility to kids and what it means to love, appreciate and be grateful for another living entity. On a sadder note, it can also teach them about death and loss and how to handle their emotions when such things happen in life as the Maltese dog will generally live 14- 17 years.
  • Holidays/Vacations: If you frequently go on holidays then how will you care for your Maltese dog? Do you have a dog sitter which you can use? Will you put your Maltese dog into a boarding kennel? Is it fair if you frequently travel for work or pleasure to get a dog which you can not take care of? Taking into account your lifestyle is very important when deciding whether of not you should get a Maltese puppy.
  • Male or Female: Do you have a preference for a male or female Maltese puppy? There are a few differences between the two sexes. Males tend to be a lot more dominant and active. They will want to play and run around and are generally easier to be left alone. Females are generally more accustomed to company and like to be around other people and dogs.
How Adorable is this Maltese?

What are the Reasons You Should NOT get a Maltese?

There are several reasons you may want to consider not getting a Maltese puppy. These reasons include:

  • Time Available: If you are a really busy person then what time will you will be able to spedn with your maltese puppy. Puppies require a lot more care and love then an older dog and you will need to be able to dedicate time to your Maltese puppy to exercise them, groom them, feed them and be with them. They are not an accessory item but a living being who will need love, care and attention. The best part of this is that the more time you spend with your Maltese dog then your Maltese dog will pay this attention and time back with a lot of love and loyalty. But if you are in a busy job, travel a lot or out with friends all the time then perhaps getting a dog shouldn’t be something which you do as it will not suit your lifestyle.
  • Yard Size: A Maltese dog doesn’t need a large yard but they do need somewhere to go to the toilet. Having a yard makes it a lot easier to toilet train your Maltese puppy and gives them somewhere to run around and play in. A Maltese dog is small enough to be kept in an apartment , providing your allowed to have dogs, but you will need to take them outside for walks if this is the case. Not having a yard is not an automatic reason to not get a small breed dog like a Maltese puppy but it will mean more work on your part and a few extra supplies such as a wee pad for your apartment.
  • Other dogs: If you already own other dogs then they need to be taken into consideration. Bringing a new dog into your family can be stressful for your current dogs and your new Maltese puppy. Sometimes dogs do not get along, and larger dogs can be fatal to a small Maltese puppy if there are any fights. Generally, a more older dog already in the family who is set in their ways will tend to get cranky when they are pestered by a playful Maltese puppy. If you want to have multiple animals in your home such as two or more dogs then it is better if they all come together at the same time into the home when they are young. This will allow them to socialize and get use to each other while they are young and will allow them to play and exercise each other. Mixing old dogs and young dogs are a recipe for disaster.
  • Travel/Holidays/Vacations: If you intend to travel a lot or are not at home then purchasing a Maltese dog may not be the best idea. Dogs love to be around people and are a very social animal. They do not like to be left at home by themselves for long periods of time. If you travel often, you will also have to find a dog sitter which can get expensive. Ask yourself if purchasing a Maltese dog fits your lifestyle.
  • Allergies: Some people have allergies to dog fur. Maltese are a good breed which are low hypoallergenic but it can still trigger symptoms. if you do have an allergy to dogs it is best to test out a Maltese dog elsewhere before purchasing one. Check with a breeder to visit or a friend who may have a Maltese puppy. if you find your allergies do not flare up then a Maltese may be the solution, but its best to check because once you purchase a Maltese puppy it is very hard to give them up.

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There are many reasons you should buy a Maltese puppy. The main reason being love and loyalty which will be given by your Maltese puppy to you. hopefully the article has comprehensively covered any possible question you could have had about purchasing a Maltese puppy but if it hasn’t let us know in the comments. Do you know other good reasons to consider? Did we miss something? Did we do a great job? Let us know in the comments.